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Adobe Photoshop CS6 crack download from Mediafire. Make Adobe Photoshop CS6 crack full version 2013. Many people are looking for the serial key of adobe Photoshop CS6. So I decided to share this crack with my readers.

There are many image editing software’s on the world wide web but Adobe Photoshop is the best image editing software all of them. And adobe Photoshop CS6 is the latest version of adobe Photoshop.It can easily make complex selections. If you want to build a career in graphic design you must have a good skill in abode Photoshop. Actually this software abode Photoshop is not free. The original price is of the latest version of adobe Photoshop CS6 extended. You can download the trial version for free but I will stop working after 30 days and if you want to use it again you need to pay for the full version which is very costly. But don’t worry, today I am going to share the adobe Photoshop CS6 crack for free. To download adobe Photoshop CS6 crack from Mediafire/Dropbox, follow these links.

Many people are looking for adobe Photoshop CS6 serial key but this is totally time waste. They blocked your serial key if anyone use this key twice. So I always suggest to use crack. So follow me to download adobe Photoshop CS6 crack for free.


Adobe Photoshop CS6 Crack-

 Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 Crack


After installing adobe Photoshop CS6 extended, copy the crack file and paste it on C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop CS6. You will see an administrator permission confirmation warning. Just click “continue” and replace the old file with crack.


No open your adobe Photoshop CS6 extended. Click “help” to check your activation.


Adobe Photoshop CS6 Crack

If you see like this, it means your adobe Photoshop CS6 is now full version. Enjoy adobe Photoshop CS6 Crack version.


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  1. Joana

    I pasted the crack but no warning. Is there suppose to be a pop-up or something? Am I missing something? :(

  2. jellybellyzee

    Hi there,
    This worked for me and thank you, some tools seem to be missing smudge tool I know where its meant to be (blur with drop down bit) but not there sorry to sound dim, did I do something wrong?
    cheers :)

  3. Frank Pan

    Thanks so much!!!! It’s working 100%, It’s helping me a lot!!!!

  4. Mohibullah

    Thank you brother so much
    now it is working 100%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    you are very hopeful
    i was searching for license key for one week
    thank you again and have good time

  5. HoodedCrusader

    So with the cracked file, do we past it IN the old Adobe Photoshop cs6 (64-bit) folder, or just next to it? Or do we delete that folder and only leave the cracked?

    1. Blog Admin (Author)

      Only copy the amtlib.dll and pste it in C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop CS6

  6. Tuğcan

    thank you thank you thank you . Compitor C program files adobe

    Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit) and finish

  7. jagdish

    many thanks for your post,

    do you have this type of crack for indesign cs6

  8. Joe Donohue

    Working really well. Thank you.
    Any chance for Acrobat?

  9. Brandon

    Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please tell me you have this for InDesign and Illustrator as well!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Shawn

    I don’t have the bridge to import pics. Any suggestions>


  11. Joe Donohue

    No, photoshop opens fine and runs when I replace the amtlib.dll file.
    However, that file disappears completely at some point and photoshop, of course, will not open. If I replace the dll file, it opens and runs fine again until the amtlib.dll disappears again. This has happened 4 times now.
    Something is deleting that file.

  12. Joe Donohue

    This worked exactly as described yesterday. This morning I couldn’t load Photoshop because the file amtlib.dll was missing. I had to replace that file.
    The HELP tab shows the product registration grayed out.
    Am I doing something wrong?


    1. Iftieaq Rahman Ifty (Author)

      Maybe an antivirus in running in your pc and it blocked the crack file and so adobe photoshop is not opening. Uninstall photoshop and reinstall it.

  13. Giovana Gallo

    hey there thanks for helping us with all the great things that you do for the users of Windows 8 but I reaally am in a pickle of a situation and please’d love to hear from you asap…
    So I just got a new computer and it came with a 90 days trial version of photoshop
    So i guess what i am trying to ask you is that what should i do now should i just install the version on the computer or should i do it just like you said???
    ow and my computer is a Samsung w/ Windows8!!

    please can you help me pleeaseee because i’ve never used both of these programs before

    1. Iftieaq Rahman Ifty (Author)

      Can you tell me which version of Photoshop is currently install on your computer?

  14. Tjoepz really work out..although i hv to download the PS twice from using adobe download asistan..
    thank you so much Iftieaq Rahman Ifty, for sharing this :)

  15. Bkkphotog

    Wow it worked perfect – and yay for cracks that don’t involve an EXE file. :)

    1. Iftieaq Rahman Ifty (Author)

      It’s working. Please exit Photoshop at first then replace original file with the crack. I hope it will work :)

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