How to Turn On Windows Defender Windows 8

It is very important to Turn on Windows Defender. In this tutorial, I explain how to turn on Windows Defender Windows 8. Windows Defender is a default windows security program. You need to make sure that your windows defender turn on if you want to make sure your computer security.


Windows defender is the best Security feature in Windows 8 Operating System that can Protects your windows from viruses, malware and spyware. Actually windows defender is a built in antivirus on windows 8 or 7 which is automatically provides you Real-Time Protection against viruses and threats. And it’s another great news that Windows Defender is also integrated with the Internet Explorer, so now windows defender can scans all the files you download from the Internet via internet explorer. So we strongly recommended you to turn on/enable Defender if you want to keep your computer safe from harmful threats and Viruses. In this article I will say you the easiest way to turn on windows defender on your windows 8 or 7.


Turn on windows defender:-


1. Go to control panel. Click Windows Defender option.

3. Click settings and check the “Turn on real time protection” box.


Turn on Windows Defender


4. You are not finished yet. You need to update windows defender after activating this. Click update tab and click update option.


Windows Defender Update


If you turn on windows defender, you will be get alert when virus and other unwanted threads try to attack your windows, try to change windows core files or try to change important Windows settings. Microsoft always recommended to use default settings. If you also use the default settings of windows defender, Windows Defender will check new updates automatically, regularly scan for viruses and other unwanted applications, and it will automatically remove any detected item from your windows.


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  1. Henry

    It doesn’t help at all. It is totally turned off and there is no that window. It only says that your windows defender has been turned off and it is not monitoring your computer.
    If any one know please reply.

    1. Iftieaq Rahman Ifty (Author)

      It means another antivirus are already running in your computer. If you want to use Windows Defender you need to remove all other antiviruses.Thanks.

    1. Iftieaq (Author)

      Simply go to Start and search for Control Panel. Open control panel – Programs and Features and find Norton. Then uninstall it.

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